Installer List in Namibia

Installer Information Package

Single Homes, simple installations:

If you need a guide how to install your or your clients dish to ASTRA4A SES5 please download the follwing guide!

Communal Systems, complex installations:

If you need guidance how to add ASTRA 4A SES5 satellite in a complex installation, download our guide below

Satelio Decoder manual in German, latest version

Satelio Decoder First Installation in English, latest version 

Latest Satelio Decoder Firmware, Version V1. 170. 20 2017-01-11

Download the latest firmware from link below. The file a file size of about 3.2MB. If it is only couple of kB big, there was a problem in your. Copy the file onto a FAT 32 formatted flash drive. The decoder will not see the flash if it has a NTFS or exFAT file format. You cannot open the file on the computer.
Follow the instructions in the handbook.

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