Installer List in Namibia

Installer Information Package

Single Homes, simple installations:

If you need a guide how to install your or your clients dish to ASTRA4A SES5 please download the follwing guide!

Communal Systems, complex installations:

If you need guidance how to add ASTRA 4A SES5 satellite in a complex installation, download our guide below

Satelio Decoder manual in German, latest version

Satelio Decoder First Installation in English, latest version 

Latest Satelio Decoder Firmware, Version V1. 1. 47. 213 2016-04-25

Download the latest firmware from link below. The file a file size of about 3.2MB. If it is only couple of kB big, there was a problem in your. Copy the file onto a FAT 32 formatted flash drive. The decoder will not see the flash if it has a NTFS or exFAT file format. You cannot open the file on the computer.
Follow the instructions in the handbook.